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Film maker Wakefield Poole

The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole

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Van allen's Ecstasy

Van Allen's Ecstasy

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A writer and documentary film maker, Jim Tushinski's latest work is the feature documentary, I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole, based on the autobiography of pioneering gay film maker Wakefield Poole

His award-winning documentary, That Man: Peter Berlin, was an official selection at over 65 international film festivals and is currently available on DVD, cable, and VOD.

Jim's books include the novel Van Allen's Ecstasy (Lethe Press) and the nonfiction anthology Identity Envy (Routledge Publishers). He is currently working on Smacks of Brilliance, the first biography of low budget auteur Tom Graeff.

Jim also does Web site design and remasters and releases neglected films on DVDs under his company, Gorilla Factory Productions.